Tuesday 17th July 2018



Returning for the sophomore release in the B-DEM UC Series is Jose Schmitt with a slick Deep House track entitled Brighton.

Inspired by a recent trip to the location of its namesake, Brighton is laced with LoFI goodness, scratchy vocal cuts tie the soft euphoric synth stabs together whilst the beat is sure to keep your fist pumping on the terrace whilst the sun sets over Brighton beach.




Friday 11th May 2018


The Feminist

‘The Feminist’ by artist Jose Schmitt is our first release as part of our BDEMUC series.


BDEMUC is a series of releases that B-DEM Records will be releasing exclusively through SoundCloud and sent directly to media and DJ supporters on our mailing list. These releases will not go public commercially and will not be available to the public other than as a SoundCloud stream.


We have chosen to release the BDEMUC series in this manner as we are (and will always be) a label that represent the listeners and the technology that is preferable to their music consumption needs.


Streaming is a big deal, as not only is it a well-favoured option, it is also a technology that allows for instant access to music on-demand - putting the ability for anybody with an internet connection to listen to any music they want, when they want.


BDEM are also advocates for the independent music industry and we feel that the major DSPs are yet to really give thought into discovery and exposure for independent artists and labels. However, SoundCloud have always supported the growth of undiscovered and up-and-coming artists.


It’s most important that we do what we can to help continue the longevity and development of platforms that support independent music by supporting the likes of SoundCloud.



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‘The Feminist’ is a Deep House track written to be purposely ambiguous in nature.


Jose embraces feminism and equality and is an advocate for women to have both equal rights and the right to say no [or swear and kick about it if no isn’t enough], but he also believes that the postmodern masculine is losing his soul and sexuality due to the media both skewing the minds of both sexes when it comes to sex and sexuality, but also putting women on an overly-avert stance when it comes to non-aggressive flirtation.


‘The Feminist’ is a reminder to men and women alike that we can be sexual, slinky, flirtatious and charming and have fun; without being misogynistic or rude. Be nicer to each other and there’ll be more sex and more happiness.

BDEM015: Oxidan - Promise // Available on Spotify: 24th March 2018


Oxidan is the next artist on our roster to drop a debut release with us, and we're SUPER excited to be the ones to be able to release this into the world.

Promise is a 2-track 2-Step Garage release with two very different tracks, but still somehow keeping a cohesive sound and concept.

Oxidan claims that he crosses over genres depending on the mood he's in. If he's angry or annoyed, he'll do something heavier like Dubstep, or something with a gritty "in your face" bassline. If he's happy or in a good mood, then he'll do something "a bit easier on the ears".


Promise, as a multi-emotional release with tracks made for two very different purposes, shows that we're setting up our future with Oxidan where we can expect multi-genre releases all across the electronic field.

Oxidan is dedicated to pushing the music hard this year, he's sick of working for buttons so he's decided he's going to get big, like living next to door to Will Smith big.

Its a frame of mind he's had for half a year now, and it seems to be doing the job. He's on that Law of Arttraction path.


Oxidan's story for Promise is that he made it during a tough time with his girlfriend, of which the conclusion was the need for him to make a promise. The same day he had to make it, he found the vocal sample for this track and thus the track came to represent his promise in a musical form.

With the dominant minor chords expected in a Future Garage track, this track should be 'melancholic'. However, this track actually gives really nice warm and pleasant vibes which are just as fitting if you're sitting watching the snow as if you're enjoying the warmth and embrace of a late summer night kicking it on the beach around a little fire. There's a warming feel to the track which gives it a season-less advantage, where some Garage tracks are typically suited to either summer or winter.

The track is rhythmically built aroud some lovely percussion and breaks that drive the warm bass sound and pull the beautiful chords and vocals along in a well-glued fashion.
These are the classic 'Future Garage' feels that we came to love and it's refreshing to hear it being made in high quality in 2018.


She Freaks
The B-side of the release is a club track. 'She Freaks' is inspired by the thought of a DJ/Producer spinning his tunes in the club, looking down at his girlfriend lost in the music, showing full support and dancing like Amber Heard in The Rum Diary.

"We've all seen our birds get hyped over us when we DJ." - Oxidan

'She Freaks' is one for the real Future Garage ravers of the 2008-2012 period. It has that dissonant, dark, intimate club vibe but with the rhythm and 2-Step swing to pull it into sexy. The track is full of amazing punchy basses and intricate changes of sounds which create exciting rhythmical patterns.

BDEM014: Brock UK - Blindside // Available on Spotify: 27th January 2018


BDEM014 is our first release since 2014 and a welcome new addition to our release legacy from our long-standing artist and label manager, Brock UK.


Blindside is an EP made of 2 Speed Garage stompers, built with intention to purely please the dancefloor. Reminiscent of the white label Garage white label vinyl releases of the yesteryears, we've started a series to give a modern digital twist to the concept.


The first track, Blindside, is a Speed Garage vibe-provider that could have been pulled out of the 90's, given a shinier mix, had the bass weight pumped and spat out for Generation Z to say "wooooow WTF is that?!" We can see this having serious advantages in those moments the dancefloor starts to go sleepy, this is sure to put a rocket in the raver's pocket. 


The second track, Do You Feel Me, is one to get you on high-alert. Instantly rattling your brain with a dissonant alarm-like sound - bringing you back to the planet with some nice vocal cuts. Likely useful mid-set, getting people pumped as the tempo rises. 


Collectively, what we have is an EP from the modern-day Speed Garage King. We don't think anybody is putting Speed Garage out to the standard of Brock UK and we're sure DJ's are going to be going nuts for this release when they see what it does to a dancefloor.